Campustown: A Brief History of the First West Ames

Campustown: A Brief History of the First West Ames by Anthony Capps. Published in 2016.

Campustown was published in November 2016 as part of History Press’ Brief History series of books. I spent about a year and a half on the writing and research, much of which included mining the early years of the Iowa State Daily for news and information. The book was spurred by an article I wrote on the history and demolition of the Champlin building for The Ames Tribune.

The book covers Campustown’s history from its origins in the late 19th century through early 2016 with specific chapters dedicated to the greek houses, churches, and a history of the West Gate community.

Of note, I defined Campustown as the neighborhood within Lincoln Way, South Sheldon Avenue, Knapp Street, and Ash Avenue, which I believe is pretty close to how the Ames Chamber of Commerce defines it.

Included in the left-hand column are links to purchase the book as well as a list of corrections and complete indexes to all the photos, people, and businesses that are mentioned.