Editors-in-Chief of the Iowa State Daily

132 years, 221 editors.

This list, first compiled in the late 1980s by Tom Emmerson, contains every editor-in-chief of the Iowa State Daily since its beginning in 1890.

How to Read the List:

  • Year: The “Year” is the numbered school year for the Daily. Every year starts in the fall, though when editorships begin has varied.
  • Term: The “Term” refers to the school term. Iowa State ran on semesters until 1919, when the quarter system was introduced. It reverted back to semesters in 1981. Since the Daily began, there has always been summer courses, but a summer publication didn’t start until 1942.
  • Editors: The person or persons who were editor-in-chief. A comma (,) represents a co-editorship. A slash (/) means there was a change during the term. (Ex.: In spring 1893, G. M. Harvey stepped down after a month and was replaced by E. E. Faville; W. G. Rundall served the full term.)
  • #: A counter for the number of people who have been the editor-in-chief. A dash (-) signifies the person was counted at a prior time.
1Fall 1890F. E. Davidson, G. H. Schulte, Kate Stevens11, 2, 3
Spring 1891R. F. Hodson, A. B. Lovejoy, J. E. Spaan14, 5, 6
2Fall 1891J. E. Spaan, E. S. McCord1-, 7
Spring 1892E. E. Faville, G. A. Kuehl8, 9
3Fall 1892E. E. Faville, G. A. Kuehl
Spring 1893W. G. Rundall, G. M. Harvey / E. E. Faville10, 11 / –
4Fall 1893W. G. Rundall, E. E. Faville
Spring 1894Chaucer G. Lee, H. I. Rutledge12, 13
5Fall 1894Chaucer G. Lee, H. I. Rutledge
Spring 1895Fred J. Lazell, E. A. Mellinger14, 15
6Fall 1895Fred J. Lazell, E. A. Mellinger
Spring 1896E. N. Bonnell / Ed. Sherman, S. Edith Foster16 / 18, 17
7Fall 1896Ed. Sherman, E. N. Bonnell
Spring 1897Ed. Rhodenbaugh, Margaret Rutherford19, 20
8Fall 1897Clarence Hartman, Eugene Perry21, 22
Spring 1898Eugene Perry, B.H. Hibbard-, 23
9Fall 1898O. J. Henderson, Dollie Snelson24, 25
Spring 1899A. Estella Paddock, George M. Rommel26, 27
10Fall 1899George M. Rommel
Spring 1900A. Estella Paddock
11Fall 1900A. Estella Paddock
Spring 1901Alice Merritt28
12Fall/Spring 1901-02C. W. Warburton29
13Fall/Spring 1902-03Richard Hopkins30
14Fall/Spring 1903-04H. O. Tellier31
15Fall/Spring 1904-05James W. Hook32
16Fall/Spring 1905-06Jennie C. Fedson33
17Fall/Spring 1906-07George K. McCullough34
18Fall/Spring 1907-08W. H. Peters35
19Fall 1908K. A. Kirkpatrick36
Spring 1909H. W. Wagner37
20Fall/Spring 1909-10H. W. Wagner
21Fall/Spring 1910-11J. M. Fuller38
22Fall/Spring 1911-12J. G. Emerson39
23Fall/Spring 1912-13T. R. Truax40
24Fall/Spring 1913-14Ryle S. McKee41
25Fall/Spring 1914-15Floyd Wambeam42
26Fall/Spring 1915-16Erich F. Stuewe43
27Fall/Spring 1916-17Harold E. Pride44
28Fall/Spring 1917-18A. R. Weed45
29Fall 1918J. M. Van Houten46
Spring 1919F. M. Russell47
30Fall/Spring 1919-20E. S. Hurwich48
31Fall/Winter 1920-21Paul A. Potter49
Spring 1921J. M. Storm50
32Fall/Winter 1921-22J. M. Storm
Spring 1922C. P. Streeter51
33Fall/Winter 1922-23C. P. Streeter
Spring 1923Jewell W. Johnson52
34Fall/Winter 1923-24Jewell W. Johnson
Spring 1924Peter Ainsworth53
35Fall/Winter 1924-25Peter Ainsworth
Spring 1925David Ainsworth54
36Fall/Winter 1925-26David Ainsworth
Spring 1926Eugene V. Carlquist55
37Fall/Winter/Spring 1926-27Eugene V. Carlquist
38Fall/Winter 1927-28Louis D. Mersch56
Spring 1928Stephen J. McDonough57
39Fall/Winter 1928-29Stephen J. McDonough
Spring 1929Rodney Fox58
40Fall/Winter 1929-30Rodney Fox
Spring 1930Verner G. Lindgren59
41Fall/Winter 1930-31Verner G. Lindgren
Spring 1931Lauren K. Soth60
42Fall/Winter 1931-32Lauren K. Soth
Spring 1932Porter M. Hedge61
43Fall/Winter 1932-33Porter M. Hedge
Spring 1933Joseph G. Duncan62
44Fall/Winter 1933-34Joseph G. Duncan
Spring 1934Carl Hamilton63
45Fall/Winter 1934-35Carl Hamilton
Spring 1935Robert W. Root64
46Fall/Winter 1935-36Robert W. Root
Spring 1936K. Wendell Marsh65
47Fall/Winter 1936-37K. Wendell Marsh
Spring 1937Robert Bliss66
48Fall/Winter 1937-38Robert Bliss
Spring 1938Bob Crossley67
49Fall/Winter 1938-39Bob Crossley
Spring 1939Ole Lande68
50Fall/Winter 1939-40Ole Lande
Spring 1940James W. Schwartz69
51Fall/Winter 1940-41James W. Schwartz
Spring 1941John L. Rigg70
52Fall/Winter 1941-42John L. Rigg
Spring 1942Helen Pundt71
Summer 1942Lyle Abbott72
53Fall/Winter 1942-43Lyle Abbott
Spring/Summer 1943Dick Roberts73
54Fall/Winter 1943-44Dick Roberts
Spring/Summer 1944Margaret Ralston74
55Fall 1944Margaret Ralston
Winter/Spring 1944-45Ruth Midgorden75
Summer 1945Frances Kerekes76
56Fall 1945Ruth Midgorden
Winter/Spring 1945-46Kenneth Krogh77
Summer 1946Fred Phillips78
57Fall 1946Kenneth Krogh
Winter/Spring 1946-47Clarence Strock79
Summer 1947Lee Schwanz80
58Fall 1947Lee Schwanz
Winter/Spring 1947-48Tom Murrane81
Summer 1948Dick Hanson82
59Fall 1948Dick Hanson
Winter 1948-49Bob Oelberg83
Spring 1949Ed Sidney84
Summer 1949Jim Bruce85
60Fall/Winter 1949-50Ed Sidney
Spring 1950Ed Sidney / Bill Alford– / 86
Summer 1950Bill Alford
61Fall 1950Bill Alford
Winter/Spring 1950-51Dick Braun87
Summer 1951Dick Braun / Don Muhm– / 88
62Fall/Winter/Spring 1951-52Don Muhm
Summer 1952Fred Tunks89
63Fall/Winter 1952-53Fred Tunks
Spring 1953Jerry Bennett90
Summer 1953Russell Pigott91
64Fall/Winter/Spring 1953-54Don Gustafson92
Summer 1954Jerry Davis93
65Fall 1954Gordon Smith94
Winter/Spring 1954-55Jim Mullins95
Summer 1955Ray Kooser96
66Fall/Winter 1955-56Ray Kooser
Spring 1956Bob Norberg97
Summer 1956Sue Blunt98
67Fall/Winter/Spring 1956-57Thomas Cooper99
Summer 1957Fred Cook100
68Fall 1957Dick Jacob101
Winter/Spring/Summer 1957-58Cliff Ganschow102
69Fall/Winter 1958-59Bob Bartley103
Spring 1959Tom Emmerson104
Summer 1959Edith Lillie105
70Fall 1959Tom Emmerson
Winter/Spring/Summer 1959-60Robert H. LeMay106
71Fall/Winter 1960-61Robert H. LeMay
Spring 1961Richard Doak107
Summer 1961Ron Lutz108
72Fall/Winter 1961-62Richard Doak
Spring 1962Nancy Anderson109
Summer 1962Richard Hanson110
73Fall/Winter 1962-63Nancy Anderson
Spring 1963Jerry Knight111
Summer 1963Marilyn Freeman112
74Fall 1963Jerry Knight
Winter 1963-64Dave Buck113
Spring 1964Dave Nilsson114
Summer 1964Jim Eberle115
75Fall/Winter 1964-65Dave Nilsson
Spring 1965Tom Murray116
Summer 1965Jan Butler117
76Fall/Winter 1965-66Tom Murray
Spring 1966Eric Abbott118
Summer 1966Chuck Bullard119
77Fall/Winter 1966-67Eric Abbott
Spring 1967Chuck Bullard
Summer 1967Greg Lauser120
78Fall/Winter 1967-68Chuck Bullard
Spring 1968Greg Lauser
Summer 1968Candy Perkins121
79Fall/Winter 1968-69Greg Lauser
Spring 1969Kent A. Baker122
Summer 1969Pat Badtke123
80Fall 1969Kent A. Baker
Winter 1969-70John L. Brimeyer124
Spring 1970Terry Gogerty125
Summer 1970Scott Jacobs126
81Fall/Winter 1970-71Terry Gogerty
Spring 1971Steve Poulter127
Summer 1971Joel Benson128
82Fall/Winter 1971-72Steve Poulter
Spring 1972Roger Green129
Summer 1972Rox Laird130
83Fall 1972Roger Green
Winter/Spring 1972-73William Bray131
Summer 1973Margaret Askew132
84Fall 1973William Bray
Winter/Spring 1973-74Tom Quaife133
Summer 1974Darlene Keech134
85Fall 1974Tom Quaife
Winter/Spring 1974-75Alma Nieland135
Summer 1975Dan Montgomery136
86Fall/Winter 1975-76Alma Nieland
Spring 1976Mike Seemuth137
Summer 1976Linda Daily138
87Fall/Winter 1976-77Mike Seemuth
Spring 1977Tom Hansen139
Summer 1977Rick Edel140
88Fall/Winter 1977-78Tom Hansen
Spring 1978Jim Blume141
Summer 1978Jane McClure142
89Fall/Winter 1978-79Jim Blume
Spring 1979Vicki Shannon143
Summer 1979Dave Donovan144
90Fall/Winter 1979-80Vicki Shannon
Spring 1980Sue Schmitt145
Summer 1980Gina Karides146
91Fall/Winter 1980-81Sue Schmitt
Spring 1981Rick Montgomery147
Summer 1981Bob Condor148
92Fall 1981Rick Montgomery
Spring 1982Kurt Helland149
Summer 1982Mike Fear150
93Fall 1982Kurt Helland
Spring 1983Jeff Hunt151
Summer 1983Laura North152
94Fall 1983Jeff Hunt
Spring 1984Lisa Fung153
Summer 1984James A. Hemphill154
95Fall 1984Lisa Fung
Spring 1985Finn Bullers155
Summer 1985Jeff Butts156
96Fall 1985Finn Bullers
Spring 1986Chris Adams157
Summer 1986Diganta Majumder158
97Fall 1986Chris Adams
Spring 1987Claire Hueholt159
Summer 1987Paul Vargas160
98Fall 1987Claire Hueholt
Spring 1988Julie Anderson161
Summer 1988Jill Barcum162
99Fall 1988Ed Barrett163
Spring 1989Craig Johnson164
Summer 1989Alissa Kaplan165
100Fall 1989Craig Johnson
Spring 1990Reed Landberg166
Summer 1990Bob Adams167
101Fall 1990Reed Landberg
Spring 1991Holli Hartman, Marietta Nelson168, 169
Summer 1991Julie Harders170
102Fall 1991Holli Hartman, Robin Robison-, 171
Spring 1992Nicki Saylor, Julie Harders172, –
Summer 1992Michelle Dill173
103Fall 1992Julie Harders
Spring 1993Christine Romans174
Summer 1993Melissa Memmer175
104Fall/Spring 1993-94Jennifer Dukes176
Summer 1994Diane Taylor177
105Fall/Spring 1994-95Colleen Bradford178
Summer 1995Marty Helle179
106Fall/Spring 1995-96Troy McCullough180
Summer 1996Jamey Hansen181
107Fall/Spring 1996-97Chris Miller182
Summer 1997Tim Frerking183
108Fall/Spring 1997-98Keesia Wirt184
Summer 1998Staci M. Hupp185
109Fall/Spring 1998-99Tara Y. Deering186
Summer 1999Michelle L. Murken187
110Fall/Spring 1999-2000Sara M. Ziegler188
Summer 2000Keesia Wirt189
111Fall/Spring 2000-01Carrie Tett190
Summer 2001Michelle Kann191
112Fall/Spring 2001-02Andrea M. Hauser192
Summer 2002Erin Randolph193
113Fall/Spring 2002-03Cavan Reagan194
Summer 2003Nicole Paseka195
114Fall/Spring 2003-04Nicole Paseka
Summer 2004Lucas Grundmeier196
115Fall/Spring 2004-05Lucas Grundmeier
Summer 2005Tom Barton197
116Fall/Spring 2005-06Tom Barton
Summer 2006Chris Sigmund198
117Fall/Spring 2006-07Pat Brown199
Summer 2007Pat Shaver200
118Fall/Spring 2007-08Pat Shaver
Summer 2008Josh Hillman201
119Fall/Spring 2008-09Chris Conetzkey202
Summer 2009Zach Thompson203
120Fall/Spring 2009-10Zach Thompson
Summer 2010Anthony Capps204
121Fall/Spring 2010-11Jessica Opoien205
Summer 2011Jake Lovett206
122Fall/Spring 2011-12Jake Lovett
Summer 2012Katherine Klingseis207
123Fall/Spring 2012-13Katherine Klingseis
Summer 2013Stephen Koenigsfeld208
124Fall/Spring 2013-14Katelynn McCollough209
Summer 2014Maddy Arnold210
125Fall/Spring 2014-15Stephen Koenigsfeld
Summer 2015Kyle Heim211
126Fall/Spring 2015-16Danielle Ferguson212
Summer 2016Alex Connor213
127Fall/Spring 2016-17Emily Barske214
Summer 2017Maggie Curry215
128Fall/Spring 2017-18Emily Barske
Summer 2018K. Rambo216
129Fall/Spring 2018-19Alex Connor
Summer 2019Emily Berch217
130Fall/Spring 2019-20Annelise Wells218
Summer 2020Logan Metzger219
131Fall/Spring 2020-21Sage Smith220
Summer 2021Logan Metzger
132Fall/Spring 2021-22Kylee Haueter221
Summer 2022Amber Mohmand222
133Fall/Spring 2022-23Kate Kealey223

Note 1. In its first three terms of operation, the Daily didn’t have an “editor.” Instead, it had “senior staff” in the staff listing.

Kate Kealey will be the 67th female editor-in-chief. It is still a long ways off from the number of EICs that have been men, but the last decade has been overwhelmingly female with 12 of 16 editors being women.

Amber Mohmand will be the 81st summer editor-in-chief.