1918: WWI ends — front pages of Ames, Des Moines newspapers

104 years ago at 5 a.m. central time, World War I came to an end. Overnight, the draft ceased, holidays were declared, and celebrations were had across the United States. Here are the front pages of some central Iowa newspapers: The Des Moines Register: "The War Is Over"Ames Evening Times: "Right Has Conquered Might!"Ames Tri-Weekly … Continue reading 1918: WWI ends — front pages of Ames, Des Moines newspapers

1913: Smallpox vaccination highly recommended

Notice From The President's OfficeAll students who have not been vaccinated should have this matter attended to without further delay. Dr. Tilden the college physician will vaccinate at the hospital free of charge. Attention was called to this matter about a week ago but only a few have applied for vaccination. Smallpox exists in several … Continue reading 1913: Smallpox vaccination highly recommended

1907: Get vaccinated or be expelled

"On Tuesday of last week, notices were posted to the effect that all persons connected with the college must either be vaccinated or leave the school by Friday, Nov. 15th. This order was issued on account of the outbreak of several smallpox cases in various parts of the campus, making it appear as though there might be a general outbreak of smallpox over the entire college. Consequently on Wednesday morning there was a rush of students to the hospital to be vaccinated."