1913: Smallpox vaccination highly recommended

Notice From The President’s Office

All students who have not been vaccinated should have this matter attended to without further delay. Dr. Tilden the college physician will vaccinate at the hospital free of charge. Attention was called to this matter about a week ago but only a few have applied for vaccination. Smallpox exists in several cities of the state and three or four mild cases have appeared in Ames. Those who have not been successfully vaccinated are taking a needless risk.

The I.S.C. Student, “Notice From The President’s Office” from 18 Feb 1913

This published piece was a statement from President Raymond Pearson, his second plea for students to get a smallpox vaccination. A smallpox outbreak in Ames included a couple students and at least one person in the city, but officials were treating it quite seriously because of a larger outbreak in Des Moines, reported by the Des Moines Register at 87 cases 10 days earlier, that could spread to neighboring communities. It was serious enough that the Ames city council voted to vaccinate every student and teacher in Ames schools.

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