1917: St. Patrick was an engineer

Iowa State Student, "St. Patrick was an engineer, he was, he was!" from 17 Mar 1917 St. Patrick was an engineer, he was, he was!St. Patrick, Consulting Engineer of HeavenAnkle: Union 208Books: Calculus; PhysicsSnake sprayPlansAnnexHeavenArchitect,M. Angelo In 1917, the Student illustrator noted that St. Patrick was an engineer, so St. Patrick’s Day was a holiday … Continue reading 1917: St. Patrick was an engineer

1911: Delta Tau Delta installed

Delta Tau DeltaThe Hawkeyes held their installation into the Delta Tau Delta national fraternity Saturday night. Thirteen members of the Iowa chapter, three of Nebraska chapter, and fifteen alumni Hawkeye members were present. The installation was conducted by Mr. McKay of Chicago. Later a banquet was held in Alumni hall cafe.The I.S.C. Student, "The Hawkeyes … Continue reading 1911: Delta Tau Delta installed

1916: Smoking on campus debate

Iowa State Student, "Flowers That Bloom Before Spring," 29 February 1916. Issue: 29 February 1916 One of the longest-running campus debates in the early years of the Iowa State Daily (by 1914 the Iowa State Student) was about smoking on campus. The newspaper was adamantly anti-smoking and occasionally had editorials shaming smokers and requesting people … Continue reading 1916: Smoking on campus debate

1914: Students swear they’ll study

"Now this semester I'm going to spend so much time each day on my studies, and…. etc.""Me too."POPULAR FICTION THESE DAYSThe I.S.C. Student, "Popular fiction these days," 14 February 1914 Issue: 14 February 1914 Kicking off a new term in spring 1914 was this illustration about students promising to put their studies first. (Some things … Continue reading 1914: Students swear they’ll study

1911: Sketch of Lagomarcino Hall

The I.S.C. Student, "Veterinary Building," 30 January 1911 Issue: 30 January 1911 Appropriations for a new facility for the Veterinary Medicine were first requested in 1893 and continued until 1909 when $150,000 was allocated. According to a story in the 11 October 1909 edition, locations considered for the building included the site of Hach Hall, … Continue reading 1911: Sketch of Lagomarcino Hall