1918: Smallpox vaccination required (again)

Vaccination Is Now Required

Two New Cases Makes Order a Necessity

Two new cases of small pox have appeared on the campus of Iowa State during the past week. In view of this the health officer and Dr. C. G. Tilden have thought the matter serious enough to require vaccination from everyone including all students and members of the college staff.

The statement has been made that everyone must have filled the vaccination requirement before Monday, April 22nd. The rule is that everyone does not have to be vaccinated, but that everyone must be able to show that the work has been done. A list of those who have not done this will be formed and everyone who has not met the requirement by that time will have to report to the President’s office.

Iowa State Student, “Vaccination Is Now Required” from 18 Apr 1918

While this skirmish with smallpox wasn’t nearly as serious as the 1907 outbreak, it was more than the 1914 scare and was enough to garner health and college officials to require vaccinations. According to the Marshalltown Evening Times-Republican, D. A. Salsbury, a freshman, became sick at the end of March but smallpox wasn’t identified quickly, leaving numerous students exposed. A brief story from 1 Apr (“Ames Students Must Be Vaccinated”) stated all students were required to be vaccinated, but no deadline was mentioned. Fast forward a couple weeks, two more smallpox cases occur, prompting a quick final deadline.

This was only six months before the flu pandemic.

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