1915: College offers typhoid fever vaccination

Will Vaccinate for Typhoid Fever at Cost

Though There is no Danger of Catching Disease Here at Present, Protection is Offered

President Pearson had made arrangements whereby the college hospital will vaccinate anyone who wishes free of any charge except the cost of the vaccine which amounts to 58 cents.

There is no typhoid on the campus at present and there seems to be little danger from the disease here but the death of Corrance brings home the fact that typhoid may be picked up over the state at any time and in order to protect the students who might wish it the provision for vaccination has been made.

“Vaccination will absolutely protect from typhoid,” said Dr. Tilden today “During 1912 the United States army were not vaccinated against typhoid and there were over 20,000 cases with 1,500 deaths. This year under exactly similar conditions the men were vaccinated and but two cases of typhoid developed neither one of them being serious.”

Iowa State Student, “Will Vaccinate for Typhoid Fever at Cost” from 7 Jan 1915

This story followed the death of student Harrold S. Corrance, junior in chemical engineering from Dubuque who died of typhoid fever. The disease wasn’t an apparent threat to students on campus as no one else had contracted it. However, President Raymond A. Pearson ensured the vaccine was available to any student who wanted it. The cost of of the vaccine — 58 cents — translates to about $15 today.

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