1909: Iowa State needs an orchestra

A College Orchestra

Persons seeking for music with which to supplement our debates or similar entertainments have found difficulty because there is no college orchestra to go to.

In many ways we feel the lack of such an organization which might provide suitable indoor instrumental music. An effort has been made to form a strictly college orchestra, but has not met with much success because the players have failed to come out regularly. Prof. Thompson, who favors the move, is willing to offer his support in the form of proper coaching.

We believe that the students should start talking this thing, and encourage all who might become members to get out and try for a place. The time and place of meeting will be announced later. Everyone who plays an orchestra instrument is urged to attend.

The I.S.C. Student, “A College Orchestra” from 22 Nov 1909

In 1909, there was some scattered interest in creating a college orchestra, but apparently nothing could get organized. The Student turned its attention to the topic, strongly favoring the creation of an orchestra and making it clear of its possible purposes as well as a professor — Thompson was a music professor — willing to lead it. This is the first mention I came across of an orchestra on campus.

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