1916: Vote yes on suffrage!

Iowa State Student, 20 May 1916.

The front page of the Iowa State Student 104 years ago.

Iowa was set to vote on women’s suffrage for a second time on June 5, 1916. The Daily took a very obvious stance on the subject. It wasn’t a pretty election, and Iowa voters voted No. Iowa women would have to wait until 19th Amendment four years later. Ames women could vote in school elections at this time.

In other local news: The city was ready to pass an ordinance forbidding movie theaters near campus, but the local residents and most students were not going to sit back and let that happen. A meeting in two days would have the two sides facing off.

At the bottom of this issue are quotes for campus administrators encouraging people to vote yes on suffrage. President Raymond Pearson, Edgar Stanton, Orange Cessna, Charles Curtiss, and others listed were adamantly against movie theaters near campus.

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