The I.S.C. Student, 3 May 1909

Issue: 3 May 1909

This is the first women’s edition of The I.S.C. Student, which had the women write and edit everything in the paper. The men took the week off — the paper was weekly at this time. The front page had one story advocating for expanding women’s rights (“Shall the Women of I.S.C. Have Self-Government”) while the rest of page one was mostly business as usual. However, inside are stories about suffrage, temperance, fashion, beauty, and more. A women’s edition would be produced almost annually for the next several years.

Sadly, this is about as good a capture as can be expected without recreating the newspaper itself. While the entire issue exists in the Daily‘s archive, it’s incredibly dark and difficult to read.

Please check your attic to see if you have a better copy.

1909: Women’s Edition of The I.S.C. Student

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