1904: Guns on campus

We are at a loss to know or understand [why] in the world anyone wants to be discharging fire arms about the campus for. It was just the other day that a couple of shots went whizzing over the heads of some students who were walking along through the orchard. Now this shooting is dangerous and it seems as though these people could see that it is. No one knows what harm they might do when they fire a shot out across a field. A bullet won’t carry very far but it will do harm at a very long distance. If this evil cannot be remedied in one manner we have good evidence that it can be in another. “A hint to the wise is sufficient.”

The I.S.C. Student, September 1904

Once upon a time, students could have guns on campus. However, not all college students did the wisest things, such as shooting in the fields near campus where people also trekked to and from campus.

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