1890 Mission Statement

The succession of events that break the the routine of college life is now specially marked by the appearance of a paper that will make a complete record of their occurrance.

The I. A. C. Student now comes to the Student, Faculty, Alumni and Friends of the institution for the first time. The policy of its managers is simple and easily understood. We shall try and publish a College Newspaper. The I. A. C. is our field and we shall endeavor to advance the institution in every manner possible. We shall not attempt to run a scientific or literary Magazine, and we doubt it there is a demand for our ideas on politics or religion. It is our object to create a genuine college newspaper, one free from all allainces, and in this work we invite all the frends of the institution to help us.

Issue: 7 August  1890

This statement comes from page two of the newspaper’s first issue — spelling and grammatical errors left intact.

The Daily — or The I.A.C. Student, as it was called for the first 7 years — wasn’t the first student publication. That honor belongs to The Aurora, which was predominantly a literary publication with news being a small percentage of its content. There are gaps in The Auroras archive, and by 1890, the Aurora was in its final years.

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