Athletics for Girls

Just at this time when the talk of field meets the ball games are heard on all side, we wish to make a plea for the girls. Hitherto they have been content to stand by and watch their brother students in the field meets, or look on as they make a home run and join in the general rejoicing which comes when a victory is won.

But this is not as it should be. While their brothers are playing baseball, let the girls play basketball, or perehance form a nine of their own. While the boys are on the track, let them form a walking club and follow the example of their English cousins, and walk several miles daily. For others there are the games of tennis and gold, which are always beneficial in their results.

But by all means let them enter the athletic field and conquer it, as they have so many other fields.

A training which leaves out all form of physical training for girls is sadly lacking. A strong mind is seldom found in a weak body, and an education which robs one of health, can not fit a girl for her future life.

Issue: 22 May 1900

This is the first published piece calling for women’s athletics to be organized at Iowa State College. Prior to this, there were editorials promoting women’s involvement in sports and for their school spirit shown at men’s athletic events, but never for anything formal for their own.

The I.S.C. Student, “Athletics for Girls,” 22 May 1900

1900: First call for women’s athletics

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