The I.S.C. Student, “They’re all good, “Little Ones,” 18 Sep 1911.

Issue: 18 September 1911

For the past three years, the number of literary societies had increased from 7 to 11, so by the time the class of 1915 arrives, there are many societies enticing new students to join —  the older crew: Philomathean (founded in 1868), Crescent, Bachelor Debating Society, Cliolian, Phileleutheroi, Welch Eclectic, and Pythian (founded in 1895); the new crew: Beardshear, Quill, Forum, and Delphian. At this time in ISU history, literary societies were still a notable social event with their Friday night meetings (speeches, debates), though their overall popularity had begun to wane. The Daily (then The ISC Student) was a huge advocate for the literary societies and often nagged students to join one.

1911: Campus society selection

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