The Bomb, “The I.A.C. Student,” 1894.

The Bomb, 1894: The I.A.C. Student staff

This is The I.A.C. Student staff photo from the 1894 Bomb. (At this time, the college is called Iowa Agricultural College.) In this photo:

Back Row: W.R. Cooper (’94), Miss Mabel Owns (’95). G.A. Kuehl (’93), Miss Iowa Campbell (’94), H.H. Rutledge (’94)

Middle Row: W.G. Rundall (’93), Miss A.A. Chesteck (’93), Miss Ella Curtis (’94), E.E. Faville (’93)

Front Row: C.G. Lee (’94), Miss Florence Parkhill (’93), R.H. Fairfield (’93)

Rundall and Faville were the editors in fall 1893, likely when the photo was taken. Lee and Rutledge were the editors in the spring and fall of 1894. To those familiar with Ames history, you might recognize Chaucer Gory Lee. He married Emma McCarthy, daughter of Dan McCarthy, one of the men who helped shape Ames in its early days. After years as Ames’ city attorney, Lee became a district court judge. He donated the land that would become Emma McCarthy Lee Park, located west of Iowa State University on Ross Road. Lee was also instrumental in creating the Ames Golf and Country Club.

From The Bomb: 1894 staff photo

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