The Bomb, “The I.A.C. Student,” 1895

From: The Bomb, 1895

This is The I.A.C. Student staff photo from the 1895 Bomb. I love the clothing.

Photographed are: Ella B. Curtis, Iowa Campbell, A. E. Mellinger, Lee Campbell, Edith Foster, Ethel Rundall, Ed Sherman, H.I. Ruthledge, F.J. Lazell, Mabel Owens, C.G. Lee, J.R. Davidson, Edna Meek, R.S. Beecher, Percy Gill, and W.R. Cooper.

Lee and Rutledge, near the center, were the editors (spring and fall 1894). Fred J. Lazell and E. A. Mellinger were the editors the following year (1895).

Of the 16 staffers photographed, 6 are women. If this were to accurately reflect the college’s breakdown of the time, only 3 would have been women.

From The Bomb: 1895 staff photo

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