The I.S.C. Student, “Veterinary Building,” 30 January 1911

Issue: 30 January 1911

Appropriations for a new facility for the Veterinary Medicine were first requested in 1893 and continued until 1909 when $150,000 was allocated. According to a story in the 11 October 1909 edition, locations considered for the building included the site of Hach Hall, the site that’s now Martin and Eaton Halls, and where the Memorial Union now stands. This sketch ran about a month after work began. The building was named the Quadrangle and was home to Veterinary Medicine until 1978.

As you can tell by the sketch, there wasn’t much but fields and sidewalks on the north side of campus at this time. Gilman and Science Halls would join the area in a few years, and the now-demolished Davidson Hall, Armory, and Physics Hall would be built in the 1920s.

1911: Sketch of Lagomarcino Hall

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