1913: U.S. senator lost in State Gym


Senator Kenyon, his mother, and a friend of his from Des Moines were going through the new gymnasium Wednesday. They wandered about seeing the inside of the magnificent structure until finally they got lost in the big gym and were unable to find their way out. After searching for some time they finally found the door from which they first entered but this was locked. After much hesitation and worry they concluded to release themselves through a window. Senator Kenyon and his friend succeeded in crawling out through the window but were unable to get Mrs. Kenyon out.

The I.S.C Student, 18 March 1913

State Gym was completed in early 1913. A few weeks after its completion, Iowa’s U.S. senator, William S. Kenyon, stopped by with his mother and a friend to check out the new building, but they got lost and couldn’t find their way out.

When I read this, I immediately thought of Sen. Chuck Grassley and his sometimes golden tweets.

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