1905: Sigma Alpha Epsilon installed

Despite being one of the earliest fraternities at Iowa State after the ban was lifted, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was not mentioned by the Daily. However, the fraternity was installed during the summer months (5 Jun 1905) when the Daily wasn’t publishing. There’s no mention of it at all, which is different because the Daily did mention Alpha Delta Pi’s installation in September 1911, roughly four months after the installation event.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s first home was at 2717 West Street, which is now an apartment building and across the street from Collegiate Presbyterian. The fraternity bought the building in 1914. In early 1929, after a year of building and another year of looking, the members moved into 140 Lynn Avenue.

Ames Evening Times, “Sigma Alpha Epsilon,” 6 Jan 1916

In 2015, Sigma Alpha Epsilon had its “status as a student organization revoked and the chapter has been suspended by the fraternity’s national council for at least four years.” It was set to return in 2020. A book about the chapter’s history, A Century of Brotherhood: Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Iowa State University, 1905-2005, is available at Parks Library.

Greek Community Re-establishing at Iowa State

Court upholds fraternity ban (1894)
Fraternities (re)approved (1904)

ORIGINAL TWO: Delta Tau Delta (1911) | Pi Beta Phi (1906)

NATIONAL FRATERNITIES: Acacia (1909) | Alpha Tau Omega (1908) | Beta Theta Pi (1905) | Kappa Sigma (1909) | Phi Gamma Delta (1907) | Phi Sigma Kappa (1911) | Sigma Alpha Epsilon (1905) | Sigma Nu (1904) | Theta Xi (1909)

NATIONAL SORORITIES: Alpha Delta Pi (1911)

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