1911: Alpha Delta Pi installed


I.F.’s Are Granted a Chapter in National Sorority

During Commencement the I.F.’s who were organized into a club in 1903 and into a sorority in 1908, were granted a chapter in the national sorority of Alpha Delta Pi. They will be known as Pi chapter.

Alpha Delta Pi is one of the conservative sororities having, with the exception of a chapter in Wisconsin all of her chapters in the south. It was founded in 1852.

The local chapter at the present time has for its members, students who take an active part in all college functions. It is the fourth organization of its kind at I.S.C. to be granted a chapter in a national sorority.

The I.S.C. Student, “Alpha Delta Pi,” 4 September 1911

Issue: 4 September 1911

This is delayed news since the commencement was in the spring, but there weren’t any newspapers between April and September. (Sadly, the newspaper got the sorority name wrong, stating Phi instead of Pi.) Like many early fraternities and sororities, Alpha Delta Pi began as a club, I.F., in 1903.

As Pi chapter, its first residence was 2322 Lincoln Way. The seven-room house was built by Carrie E. Minert, a landlord, occasional land speculator, and widow raising three children, and it was one of the first houses in the Campustown area. Located where the 23 Twenty Lincoln apartment is now, Minert and her children — Theodore, Jessie and Lisle (who was called “Fats”), lived alongside the students who rented rooms from her, including when Alpha Delta Pi moved in — though Theodore had moved away, Jessie and her new husband lived with mom.

Ames Evening Times, “Alpha Delta Pi,” 6 January 1916

Greek Community Re-establishing at Iowa State

Court upholds fraternity ban (1894)
Fraternities (re)approved (1904)

ORIGINAL TWO: Delta Tau Delta (1911) | Pi Beta Phi (1906)

NATIONAL FRATERNITIES: Acacia (1909) | Alpha Tau Omega (1908) | Beta Theta Pi (1905) | Kappa Sigma (1909) | Phi Gamma Delta (1907) | Phi Sigma Kappa (1911) | Sigma Alpha Epsilon (1905) | Sigma Nu (1904) | Theta Xi (1909)

NATIONAL SORORITIES: Alpha Delta Pi (1911)

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