1906: Pay your newspaper $ub$cription

Pardon u$ for mentioning it, but there i$

a little matter to which the $tudent wi$he$ to call the attention of $ome of it$ $ubscribers. It i$ only a $mall matter to be $ure, but $ome way it $eem$ to have $lipped the mind$ of many of u$. It $eem$ $ometime$ almo$t nece$$ary to carry on our bu$ine$$. No more than thi$ mere $ugge$tion i$ perhap$ nece$$ary, $o we thank you in advance or your immediate attention to thi$ matter. A word to the wi$e, etc.

The I.S.C. Student, “Pardon u$” from Nov 1906

The I.S.C. Student wasn’t well off financially during this era — it struggled immensely for its first 25 years — and this semester, politely asked subscribers for their money they owed. This is easily the most clever way the students crafted the frequent request.

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