1905: New rule for women when VIPs ride the train

The dinky magnate has issued issued a new order to be known as order N. 4-11-44. “When the college has gentlemen visitors all ladies must ride as second class passengers in the smoking car.

The I.S.C. Student, “The dinky magnate has issued” from 5 Apr 1905

This brief item was published in The I.S.C. Student in 1905 to announce there was a situation in which women wouldn’t be allowed to ride with the men in the main car of the Dinkey, the train operated by the Ames and College Railway that connected the campus to downtown Ames. I’m not sure what qualified as “gentlemen visitors,” but it’d surely be any VIPs that came from other colleges and government organizations – and probably stayed at a hotel downtown.

I’ve found no other mention of this rule.

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