1904: Petition for more band funding


The following petition is being circulated among the students and faculty members. Everyone who appreciated the work of the band the past year and are desirous that the band continue to exist and liven things up at the college events should sign it. If you are missed in the canvass you should be interested enough to make the fact known to some member of the band.

“We, the undersigned students and faculty members of the Iowa State College, knowing how in dispensable a band is to the athletic, military and social life of college, respectfully petition the Honorable Board of Trustees of the Iowa State College to increase the appropriation now allotted to the I. S. C. Band from one hundred ($100.00) dollars to five hundred ($500.00) dollars, in order that a competent director may be secured and miscellaneous expenses met, and by so doing support a deserving band in a befitting manner as is done by other colleges and universities of the country.”

I.S.C. Student, “Petition” from 14 Sep 1904

The I.S.C. Band¬†was already a staple at athletic events in 1904, and students thought it deserved more funding. Increasing its appropriation to five times the current amount meant a good director could be hired and other expenses could be met to improve the band. I’m curious to know what songs were played because Iowa State lacked a school song at the time.

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